Jer Garcia


Inspiration: Just Like Being There (Documentary)

For most of my life I have been fascinated with creating things and being creative. In middle school and highschool, this meant being in a band, listening to music and playing shows. For a long time, I thought playing music and trying to tour would be my life.

Here is a picture of me when I was 17. My band "Burma Is A Warzone" was my world and writing music was everything.Then, our drummer got a crazy girlfriend. And Burma was no more (The band, that is.)

As years pass, I still was drawn to creating. Without a band, I started discovering graphic design and screenprinting. Although I had some experience with it in Highschool, I found I had a nack for it in classes I took at my local University. It seemed like a good fit, so I continued learning the programs and fundamentals behind everything.

All of this was fine and dandy, but it wasn't until I watch Just Like Being There, that the passion behind my work really started. It was the first time I really connected my old love of music and my new love of graphic design and art. 

I had no idea there was such a community behind the poster art. I had collected a couple from different shows I had been to, but this really exposed me to such amazing artists and their pieces of amazing work. 

Before this doc, I saw graphic design as the same logos, brochures, and typesetting documents (Kill me). It's hard to really LOVE the idea of graphic design with only those things in mind. But then this opened my mind to "commercial art", which is essentially what all those gig poster creators do. The idea that I can create pieces of art and sell them, in a commercial, fun way really peaked my interest. As a freelance designer,  I've been doing alot of the more boring brochures, typesetting and such. But I am cutting my teeth with experience and learning to become more of a graphic artist then a graphic designer. That is my goal. And that is what this documentary helped me to realize.

So watch it. It's amazing. Here it is on Hulu.

Here are three of the artists that are featured in the documentary that I love:

Dan Stiles