Jer Garcia


Inspiration: Adventures In Design (Podcast)

I never was one to listen to podcasts and even thought they were kind of weird. I don't like talk-radio, so why would I listen to web talk-radio? However, over the summer, I have really tried to broaden my graphic design horizons. I've been studying a lot, practicing new techniques and even doing more freelance work. With this attitude, I decided I needed to find a source online for more insight.

This is what brought me to find Adventures In Design.

The host, "Hollywood Mark Brickley", is a graphic designer, illustrator and printmaker out of somewhere in California. He has spent the past two decades (or something like that) designing for various clients and is well known as a gigposter design and printer.  

His experience in that  gigposter world and with screenprinting really drew me to this podcast. I think HMB does a great job with keeping me interested and being himself during the interviews. I've tried listening to a couple of other design podcast and they are all so dry and boring. (However, If you have any suggestions for me, let me know.) Not only does he interview some awesome creatives, give art business advice but he will also just BS about current events. One thing people might have a complaint with is Marky Mark can sometimes swear like a sailor, so if you're going to check it out, be warned. 

He has all kinds of free content that you can have access to, so if you want to test the waters, it's open for download on itunes or off AID's site. But if you enjoyed it as much as I did, you'll want more. That's when The Circle of Trust comes in. 

AID has a bunch of content that you can't get to unless you pay the $9.99 monthly fee. This content behind the paid wall is pretty meaty and is chock full of good advice. I joined the Circle of Trust and haven't regretted it, yet. So check it out, homies!