Jer Garcia


Music You Need To Listen To Right Now

Before getting into graphic design, I was obsessed with music. I was in a band, writing music and wanting to tour. Despite things not working out with the band and directing a lot of my energy towards graphic design, I still am absolutely obsessed with music.  It still pushes me forward and inspires me. 

So here are some artists that are inspiring me right now:

Doomtree-Underground Rap

Doomtree is a rap collective out of Minnesota that is chock full of talented individual artists. From the beats, to the lyrics, to the flow, it all is so amazing. If you enjoy Aesop Rock, Deltron 3030 or Sage Francis, you will love this stuff. I've never seen them live, but I'm super excited to check them at Eaux Claires Music Festival this summer.

Song to check out: "Heavy Rescue". They also have some really great live videos on  AudioTree Live.

Shakey Graves-Folksy, Americana Awesomeness

I discovered Shakey about a year ago and love, love, love his art. He started performing on the streets of Austin, Texas with just a guitar and a custom kick drum made from a suit case . There are many videos where you can catch him still performing in this fashion, and it's magical. His voice has so much emotion behind it, not to mention his guitar skills are impeccable.

Song to check out: "Dearly Departed" was the first song I really got into, but my favorite right now is definitely "The Perfect Parts", which gets a bit rowdy. 

Kyla La Grange-Singer/Songwriter

Kyla is one of those finds that after I hear just one of their songs, they instantly become one of my favorites. If you love artists like Lana Del Rey or Florence and the Machine, you are bound to love Kyla. With that said, Kyla is very original and an individual powerhouse as a singer \songwriter. I personally prefer her first album, "Ashes" which had more of a physical band backing the singing.  Her more recent album "Cut Your Teeth" is definitely more electronically charged, but with songs like "Big Eyes", and "I Don't Hate You", the album is definitely a goodie.

Songs to check out: Other than the ones I already mentioned, include "I Could Be" from Ashes.