Jer Garcia


Logo Creation In Just One Day

Logo and branding is something I've been really interested in from the beginning of my design career. After working so many years with different companies, creating logos and using logos, it's pretty interesting to see how much different people value company branding and logos.

As a designer, I know the worth of branding and logo creation. I also know it takes time to create something that is unique and that communicates the personality of the company. So when I came across Death To The Stock Photos short documentary on their logo design, I was torn. 

The concept for the documentary was to film Brandon Rike, an awesome designer, come up with the new branding for Death To The Stock Photo. The stipulation was that Brandon only had one day to go from client interview to finished product. Although it's an interesting concept, it worried me that it would further cheapen the idea of logo creation. Many people don't look at graphic design work as a craft that takes time. Graphic designers (In the eyes of many) become guys that are computer savvy enough to just jump on a mac and crap out content. 

I knew of Brandon before coming across this video, so I don't know why I was worried. Check it out:

I felt the project and Brandon really did a good job at balancing limitations with quality work. One thing about designing in general, there are so many different directions and processes one can go through to get a finished project. It can become a bit overwhelming. Brandon recognized the time limitations he would have in designing this logo and ran with it. It gave him a chance to focus on a couple initial ideas and really make some quality content for those ideas. I believe if he had more time, he could have even expanded on more ideas, but the outcome was a clean, simple logo that has a lot of personality.

Another part of the video was seeing the process behind Brandon's design and thought. It clearly showed the craft behind graphic design. It would take years of experience to produce content so quickly and subsequently. Very appreciative. 

Here are some stills of the final logo:

Final logo

Final logo

In conclusion, go check out both Brandon Rike Design and Death To Stock Photo. Both companies are doing some really cool stuff and are worth your follow.