Jer Garcia


Music You Need To Listen To Right Now Pt. 2

Find this artist. Listen to them. Or Else.

The Eastern Sea-Indie 

I found The Eastern Sea about a year ago and have been obsessed with them since. I'll admit something that might be a bit embarrassing. I don't buy digital music, I use Spotify or Youtube. I know, I know. "I'm suppose to support the artist." "That's how they make a living." I understand all of this and I'll totally support a band by buying merch or seeing them in concert. When I love an album enough, I will purchase the vinyl. But I just can't get myself to buy digital copies. I need the album art, the text on the sleeves, the physical record. With that said, there was an album that the Eastern Sea only had available for download. This is the only album I've ever bought digitally and I still don't regret it.

The lead singer has such a sweet, sincere voice which is backed by some very original music compositions. Check out this live video:

Their last release was back in 2012, but they just released a new lyric video that you can find here.  I'm hoping this is a hint to a new album. 

Song To Check Out: The Snow-This song is in my top 10 favorite songs right now and has been in that list since I found TES. It's so beautiful and for me, relatable.