Jer Garcia


Adventures In Screenprinting Pt.1

I've always loved screen printing. When most people think of screen printing, shirts are the only thing that really come to mind. I do enjoy prints on shirts, but I've always been more interested in screen printed art on flatstock. Serigraphy is the actual name of this form of art

It's literally been years that I've wanted to create my own art this way, but since I had so many limitations with gear, space, knowledge and time, I haven't been able to do too much on my own. But I'm determined to end those excuses now. 

In my blog I want to document my adventures in water base screen printing. In the past I've only worked with plastisol inks which are considered a lot easier to use, so I'm very excited to work with a different ink.

For my first project, I want to start small, a one color print with a short run.

My goal is to illustrate/compose all of my own prints, slowly working up to multiple colors, halftones and finer lines.

It's sure to be fun and if you want a look into my process, keep up with my blog.