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Adventures In Screenprinting Pt.2

Well, its done. The first print is in the books, ladies and gentlemen. And its one for the books. Here is a photo of me designing the print. I'm calling this new print, "Blessed Be The Printmaker":

IMG_1613 2.JPG

I came up with this idea from the iconic catholic hands praying. I've seen different people using this image in Pop-culture and the hands holding a squeegee just popped into my mind.

Everything was pretty successful. This is going to be the easiest print yet since it is such a short run (10) and its only a one color print. I learned a ton from the experience though. 

First off, I had the new waterbase emulsion that I hadn't used before, so I had to figure out the exposure time on that. This new emulsion is water resistant and wont degrade like our other emulsions. The step test template I made for evaluating the exposure time is pictured below:


The step method was sufficient for the waterbase emulsion for now. I was really surprised because on the first try I made a really good stencil. I would say, a better stencil than using our original plastisol emulsion. There could be a number of reasons for this, and I'm thinking one of them is our plastisol emulsion is not nearly as fresh as the waterbase emulsion. 

With the stencil made, I set up my print space. For next time, I need to really set up my space better, with all of my tools near buy and some space to print. I was in such a hurry to get to printing, I wasn't fully ready for the printing run. Luckily, it was just a one color print, so I was able to get through it with minimal problems. But next time, I will definitely be setting up a better environment for me to print in.


After I got started, the printing went quick and easy. Unfortunately, I didn't realize I didn't have any dark blue paper. That meant that I went with a lighter blue stock that was a little too light for my white ink. This was a big mistake and makes the print not have enough contrast for my liking. But since I was approaching this as a learning experience, I was okay with the results. 

Some of the things I will do differently next time:

I need to purchase a couple different things to make my print runs smoother. This is the quick list of things I will get before the next print run:

The final print. Without trimming.

The final print. Without trimming.

Things to buy before next print:

-Clear Tape

-Spraybottles (3)

-409 Fantastic Cleaner

-Paper for Print

After the printing, I read in my textbooks about a mixture of cleaner and water that could help a longer print run to go smoother and also help with cleaning. I'll be gathering those supplies next time. 

I will be designing my next print to a specific color of stock. This way I can be really happy with the ink selection and paper.

I also need to look into cleaning screens a bit more in my textbooks. It could go a lot smoother and cleaner. 



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